14 May 2012

I grew up quite the tomboy. I’ve never been too much of a girlie girl, but as time goes by I am becoming increasingly fascinated by the integration of various design disciplines – particularly that of interior design and fashion. It all makes sense considering I started modeling as a teen and worked as a makeup artist for a number of years. I’ve been part of both worlds for a considerable period of time, but never embraced fashion as much as I did architecture and interior design. Now that I have established a career in interiors, my mind (and eyes!) seem to absorb all aspects of design, in general, more and more every day.

I plan to do a series of posts on this topic, and decided that there is no other person to start with than the magnificent Kelly Wearstler.

For now, let’s look at Kelly Wearstler, the interior designer. Her work is permeated with bold gestures of colour and pattern. I find the unique shapes, proportions and combinations of furniture & materials absolutely captivating in every single room that I see. Who is this woman?! So bad-ass!


Who dares to be this bold in a residence? I bet that wallpaper was designed by the lady herself.


At first glance this room appears “calm”, but upon closer inspection I find my eye traveling to the spherical stone base of the table, the sculptures, woodwork of the sideboard, the detail of the chairs…


Ah man, look at that stone wall. Stunning! Check out the herringbone tile inside the fireplace. The combination of soft rounded shapes and hard linear black chairs…just keep looking. This is fun, isn’t it? Did you notice the unique light fixtures?


The combination of pattern, texture, colour, materials and proportion in this photograph is perfection to me.


I want to go to the Viceroy in Anguilla just to have a glass of crisp white wine right here. The neutral palette really appeals to my senses, and again, I am entranced by the materials, shapes and proportions in the space.


The girl is not afraid of bold. This is pool side seating at the Avalon hotel in Beverly Hills. Not your average lounging-by-the-pool fare, if you ask me.

Kelly has clearly proven to be a fearless interior designer. She seems gutsy and adventurous when it comes to design. There will be a follow-up post to this one, and the next time I write about her, it will be to show you how her career has evolved to not only include a stunning collection of home objects, but a plunge into the world of fashion design. Good stuff, I promise!

(All images are taken from Kelly Wearslter’s website.)

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